Sodium Chloride 5 %

Sodium Chloride 5 %

solution for topical application 5 %

Pharmachological effect

A hypertonic salt solution. In intranasal application it removes allergens and pathogenic microbes, excess mucus, crusts, dust and minute particles, blocked nasal meatus and laboured respiration; helps remove scales and crusts after surgery without the risk of bleeding, increases the effectiveness of local drug application, normalizes formation mucus in the nasal cavity.

Indications for use

Intranasal application: as a hygienic mean for washing the nasal cavity; rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, nasopharyngitis; prevention of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (antritis, frontitis, sinusitis); prepare for the application into the nasal cavity of other drugs (to improve their absorption).

Release form

Per 10 ml polyethylene vial-droppers.