Social responsibility

Social responsibility is an integral part of the policy of “LIQVOR”.

It is based on the following principles:

Safety and quality of the product

The company carries out production activities in full compliance with cGMP standards, which guarantees the quality and safety of our products.


Health, safety and welfare of employees

Following the principles of responsible human resources policy, the management of the company has

created comfortable and safe working conditions for its employees.


Professional development of staff

Staff development and career growth are one of the most important activities of the company and one of the main factors of its success.

The company’s management is directly participating in the ongoing professional development of staff

(professional development courses, trainings, workshops, seminars, etc.).

Business Ethics

The company pays special attention to compliance with ethical norms in carrying out marketing and

charitable activities.



“LIQVOR” is guided by strict principles and clear rules with regard to environmental protection.


Sponsorship and charity

Sponsorship and charity are an integral part of the company’s social policy. The company started its charitable activities back in 1993, at the beginning of its activities.

In an effort to contribute to the sustainable social development and ultimately improve the life quality of people, “LIQVOR” provides regular support to social, medical, and educational institutions and vulnerable groups.

The company has long been a permanent sponsoring partner of various social organizations, clinics and medical centers.


Humanitarian Aid

The company occasionally provides pharmaceutical humanitarian aid to the Hematology center after R.O.Yolyan, National Center of Oncology after V.A. Fanarjyan, “ARABKIR” medical complex.

In 2012 “LIQVOR” was among the first who responded to the deprivation and suffering of  Syrian

Armenians, transferring funds to the account of the public organization “Help Your Brother.”

“LIQVOR” periodically provides pharmaceutical humanitarian aid to various public organizations, including:

  • International Association of Children’s Fund “Manch” (Child)

  • Nork Boarding House

  • Public organization “Havat ev Ser”(Faith and Love)

  • Charity Center “Huysi Patuhan” (Window of Hope) to assist children with disabilities and orphans

  • Republic Center for Humanitarian Aid


“LIQVOR” provides humanitarian financial assistance to the following organizations:

  • Cheritable Foundationd “Nvirir Kyank” (Grant Life)

  • “Prkutyun” NGO, Center for Disabled Children and Youth

  • “EKHO” NGO Assistance in Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

During the April War in Nagorno-Karabakh “LIQVOR” provided large consignments of essential medicines to relevant institutions.

The company purchased medical equipment and sent as a gift to:

  • Ophthalmologic Center named after S.V. Malayan

  • Eye Clinic of the Medical Center “Kanaker-Zeytun”



“LIQVOR” periodically sponsors the following organizations:

  • Armenian Association of Urology

  • Association of Armenian Oncologists

  • Armenian Diabetes Association

  • Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology

  • Armenian Hematology Association

  • Armenian National Association “Stroke”

  • Mkhitar Heratsi Medical Science Development Fund

“LIQVOR” also sponsors the publication of scientific papers, manuals and monographs in different areas of medicine (ophthalmology, traumatology, hepatology, intensive care, clinical pharmacology).

“LIQVOR” periodically acts as a sponsor for the purpose of training and education of health professionals (workshops, conferences, presentations, etc.).