Corporate social responsibility

As a leading Armenian company in the field of pharmaceutical production with many years of experience, the concept of “LIQVOR”’s corporate social responsibility is aimed at the healthcare, science, education, economic development of Armenia, and promoting the professional growth of young specialists to apply innovative approaches in pharmaceutical production.

Within the framework of the corporate concept, the Matevosyan Development Foundation helps young specialists to become competitive professionals in accordance with market requirements through memorandums, nominal scholarships, production internships and courses implemented in “LIQVOR”. Matevosyan Development Foundation contributes to the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Armenia through scientific and educational programs.

The main principles of “LIQVOR” corporate social responsibility concept are:

Quality and safety of the product

High quality products and ensuring high therapeutic effectiveness of medicines are among the key principles of “LIQVOR”. “LIQVOR” carries out its production in the field of sterile medicine in full compliance with the GMP EU European standards.

Health, safety and welfare of employees

Highlighting the importance of the principles of responsible human resources policy, “LIQVOR” has created the most comfortable, safe and equal working conditions for its employees.

Professional development of the team

Company’s recipe of success is the professional development of the team and career growth. The company constantly supports professional growth, exchange of experience and improvement of professional qualities through numerous programs, qualification courses, trainings and seminars implemented both in Armenia and abroad.

Business Ethics

“LIQVOR” operates on the basis of responsible work and honest business relations. The Company’s activities are based on key principles of mutual trust, respect, ethical and social responsibility.


“LIQVOR” is guided by strict principles and rules of environmental protection and ecologically safe activities.

Humanitarian aid

The provision of medical and financial assistance is one of the important principles of the concept of corporate social responsibility of “LIQVOR”.

In 2012, “LIQVOR” was one of the first to respond to the support programs of our compatriots in Syria, participating in the initiative to help Syrian-Armenians by providing financial support to the “Help Your Brother” NGO.

“LIQVOR” regularly provides medical and humanitarian aid to various medical institutions; Hematology center after R.O.Yolyan, National Center of Oncology after V.A. Fanarjyan, as well as a number of non-governmental organizations.

With its key activity, “LIQVOR” has contributed to the stability of the RA healthcare system, the Company is always by the side of the country at important and crucial moments for the state. During the April war in Artsakh, “LIQVOR” provided a large consignment of essential medicines to relevant institutions.

The company purchased medical equipment and donated it to the Ophthalmologic Center named after S.V. Malayan and Eye Clinic of the Medical Center “Kanaker-Zeytun”

Sponsorship and charity

Sponsorship and charity are an integral part of “LIQVOR”’s social policy. The company has been involved in charitable initiatives since 1993. To ensure sustainable development of the society and improve the quality of life of the people, “LIQVOR” constantly provides support to social, medical, educational institutions and to the socially vulnerable population. The Company is a regular partner-sponsor of various non-governmental organizations, clinics and medical centers.

“LIQVOR” regularly provides sponsorship support to the following organizations:

  • Armenian Association of Hepatology
  • Armenian Association of Ophthalmologists
  • Armenian Thoracic Association
  • Armenian Society of Anaesthesiologists and Intensive Care
  • Armenian Association of Young Doctors
  • Armenian Association of Surgeons
  • Armenian Association of Urology
  • Association of Armenian Oncologists
  • Armenian Diabetes Association
  • Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology
  • Armenian Hematology Association
  • Armenian National Association “Stroke”
  • Mkhitar Heratsi Medical Science Development Fund

“LIQVOR” regularly acts as a sponsor of trainings, conferences and other programs aimed at raising the qualification of health professionals.