Innovation in the line of ophthalmic preparations of “LIQVOR” CJSC

Today, the problem of the negative impact of preservatives on eye tissues is quite acute.
It is well known that all preservatives, even in minimal concentrations, have a toxic effect on the tissues of the eye.
Currently, the most relevant and in demand are those eye drops that do not contain preservatives.
Conservative treatment of certain eye diseases, in particular glaucoma, involves long-term instillation of antihypertensive drugs. The main contingent in this case are elderly patients with age-related dystrophic changes, including the eyes. Based on this, the use of antiglaucoma drugs that do not contain preservatives is a significant advantage.

Liqvor, the leader in local and export sales of ophthalmic preparations among manufacturers of the EAEU and the CIS, has launched a new line of preservative-free eye drops.

The first of this line are drugs for the treatment of glaucoma – BREVIPROST™ (travoprost) and
BREVIPROST™ plus (travoprost + timolol).
The drugs are produced in a special innovative package of 5 ml, which ensures the sterility of the drug throughout the entire period of use.
After opening the package, the preparations can be used within 3 months.


eye drops 0.04 mg/mL

 In a voluminous economical packaging 5 mL

Antiglaucoma preparation – prostaglandin analogue.

  • Preservative-free:
    • Non-toxic to the cornea
    • Does not cause eye burning and irritation
    • Does not lead to the development of dry eye syndrome
  • Characterized by high efficiency and safety
  • Produced in a special innovative packaging that ensures the sterility of the drug throughout the entire period of use
  • Can be used within 3 months after opening the package