Breviprost plus preservative-free

(travoprost + timolol)
eye drops (0.04 mg + 5 mg)/mL


In a voluminous economical packaging 5 mL

Combined antiglaucoma preparation containing a prostaglandin analogue and a beta-blocker.
It has the most pronounced hypotensive effect among all fixed combinations, combined with an antioxidant effect and improvement of ophthalmic hemodynamics.

  • Preservative-free:
    • Non-toxic to the cornea
    • Does not cause eye burning and irritation
    • Does not lead to the development of dry eye syndrome
  • Characterized by high efficiency and safety
  • Produced in a special innovative packaging that ensures the sterility of the drug throughout the entire period of use
  • Can be used within 3 months after opening the package

Instruction for medical use