The first in the EAEU educational inspection for compliance with the GMP Rules of the Eurasian Economic Union

We are pleased to announce that from February 12 to February 14, 2019, Liqvor successfully passed the first training inspection on the territory of the EAEU for compliance with the Rules of Good Manufacturing Practice of the Eurasian Economic Union.
The audit was conducted by the Department of Good Manufacturing Practice of the Scientific Center for Drug and Medical Technology Expertise of Armenia, represented by the head Mkrtich Shakaryan.

The following persons participated as observers in the inspection team:

Russian Federation

–  Madina M. Sottaeva – Head of the Department for the Organization of Cooperation in PI EEU, Federal budget institution “State Institute of Medicines and Good Practices”

–  Yelena A. Besh – Chief Inspector of the FBI “SIMGP”

Republic of Belarus

–  Nina I. Malash – Deputy Head of Good Pharmaceutical Practices Institute, UE “Center for Expertise and Testing in Health Care”

Republic of Kyrgyzstan

–  Nazi T. Abdyrasulova – head of the department of goof pharm. practice of MH RK


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