Pharmaceutical company ” Liqvor ” first in the history of Armenia got EU GMP standards certificate

From October 28 to November 1, 2013 a joint inspection was carried in the CJSC “Liqvor”, with particiapation of the invited inspector PIC / S – Director of GMP Inspectorate of the State of Israel Rachel Shimonovitz and representatives of GMP Inspectorate of Armenia, to determine whether the activity of “Liqvor” complies with cGMP EU standards, taken by the Government as a technical standard on the territory of Armenia.

Manufacturing, processing, warehousing, quality control areas, as well as the organization of the system of production processes, quality control and distribution of sterile medicines have been inspected.

As a result of the audit it was decided to issue GMP certificate of accordance with European standards of good manufacturing practices to “Liqvor”.

The ceremony of cGMP certificate presentation to  “Liqvor”  took place on 10 December 2013,  at the Tenth National Scientific Medical Congress “Human Health” under  the heading “National drug – the international quality”  in the presence of Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, Minister of Health, Minister of Economy, Director of the “Scientific Center of Drug and Medical Technology Expertise”  and other officials.