Export to the Kyrgyz Republic began in 2010. The Company is represented in the country by infusion, injectable and ophthalmological preparations. For a number of years, well-coordinated work has been carried out with the only partner “Sherdenpharm”.

Chinara Boronova

medical representative


The international cooperation and export activity of “LIQVOR” started in 1999.

Today the Company has a wide geography of exports, more than 70% of its products are presented in the countries of Eurasia, Central Asia and the Middle East.

“LIQVOR” cooperates with the leading and large distributors, clinics and medical community of the above-mentioned countries, and this long-term cooperation proves high therapeutic efficiency and the quality of the Company’s products.

“LIQVOR” is the leader in the volume of medicines exported from Armenia with a share of more than 40%.