Export to the Republic of Uzbekistan began in 2008.

Today “LIQVOR” is known to the medical community of Uzbekistan for ophthalmological and hospital products of various therapeutic groups. In 2019, “LIQVOR” opened its first foreign representative office in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Vyacheslav Korobov_Uzbekistan

Vyacheslav Korobov

head of representative office

Venera Shuvayeva_Uzbekistan

Shuvaeva Venera

medical representative

Svetlana Kim(2)_Uzbekistan

Kim Svetlana

medical representative

Shuhrat Mansurov_Uzbekistan

Mansurov Shukhrat

medical representative


The international cooperation and export activity of “LIQVOR” started in 1999.

Today the Company has a wide geography of exports, more than 70% of its products are presented in the countries of Eurasia, Central Asia and the Middle East.

“LIQVOR” cooperates with the leading and large distributors, clinics and medical community of the above-mentioned countries, and this long-term cooperation proves high therapeutic efficiency and the quality of the Company’s products.

“LIQVOR” is the leader in the volume of medicines exported from Armenia with a share of more than 40%.